Pet Sitter - Instructions 2 Mi

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Front Reads: "Instructions 2 mi dog siter 

#1 i alwayz set tabl foodz & left overz

#2 Leave tha TV on & turnd to Animal Planet

#3 i alwayz get mor treats than food

#4 it's OK 4 mee to sleep on sofa (charz & bedz 2!)

#5 i don't need leash to wawk so easier 2 chas squrls

P.S. U can't believe how hard 2 do this wif mi pawz & noz

Interior reads: "TANK U  (I don't tell...U don't tell!)"

Have you ever wondered how a dog would say "thank you"?
Our unique pet sitter card written "by the dog" will surely make any
dog sitter smile! Ours even comes with an "extra special" envelope
for mailing.

6 cards per pack with distinctive doggie envelopes  ($2.50 each)

Made in the USA

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