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Welcome to Dog Speak Cards

Dog Speak Cards & Gifts, a dog themed wholesale gift and greeting card company located in Wilmington, North Carolina. We specialize in unique gifts for wholesale to retail sales including kitchen and home decor products, a full caption line of cute dog greeting cards for all occasions as well as meaningful pet sympathy / bereavement products. You'll love our wholesale dog cards, and other pet gifts. Thanks to our loyal retail customers who love dogs and cats too!

Functional Dog & Cat Themed Gifts: Wholesale for Retail Sales

Our retailers and customers tell us our cards are the best they have ever seen! Dog Speak cards are heartwarming and comforting for dog and cat lovers. Pet sympathy gifts can really make a difference. And, our specialized dog greeting cards written from the perspective of our four legged friends are perfect for all occasions. We can't speak dog of cat, but we can speak human. Thoughtful and funny cards are ideal for every dog lover, pet sitter or dog walker. Cat Chat, our line of gifts for cat lovers are the perfect addition to your line of retail gifts.

Home & Office: Decor for the Pet Lover

Dog Speak offers more than cards! We have home decor wholesale gifts and unique professional office gifts for every dog & cat lover. There are over 200 doggy themed gift products for the home or office including wood signs and plaques, picture frames, coffee mugs, dog and bone shaped key chains and more!

What Retail Gifts are Popular?

Kitchen and travel are hot gifts in retail pet shops. Dog Speak has launched a line of cutting boards and kitchen towels with great pet sayings! These gifts provide function in addition to being a gift that shows appreciations and remembrance. Check out our luggage tags (perfect for a pet carrier or people bags) and bone or dog shaped key chains, car coasters and awesome dog saying magnets.

Buying Wholesale Greeting Cards & Gift Shop Items

Dog Speak is a full captioned card line, meaning if you have an occasion, we have a card for it! Half of our card line is written in 'Dog Speak'. In other words, it looks like the dog itself wrote the card: a little sloppy with some slight intentional misspellings. Nevertheless, they are created with lots of love and guaranteed to touch the heart of the recipient. Get your wholesale pet cards today

We offer 16 different ways to say Happy Birthday from your dog, actually HaPpEE BiRfday. No other company offers the assortment of dog walker and pet sitter cards that Dog Speak does. (There is even a card for a cat sitter!) Of course it would only be proper for the dog to write the card to the petsitter; hence most designs are written in "Dog speak". Have a peek at our Welcome New Puppy cards, which are actually written by humans! Greeting card captions include: love, sympathy, cope, thinking of you, blank, congratulations, and get well.

Where to Buy Pet Sympathy Cards & Memorial Gifts

Cat and dog sympathy cards as well as pet bereavement cards are an important part of our caption line. Our heartfelt cards offer comforting words during the loss of a pet. We've introduced memorial stones, picture frames and a sympathy booklet that make the perfect gift for someone who lost a pet. Paw Prints in Heaven dog sympathy book is a perfect gift to give adults or kids who are grieving the loss of their dog. Written and illustrated to bring a consoling perspective to people experiencing loss, this 14 page story is written by a dog in Heaven. What is it like to be a dog in heaven? Find out, get the book >>

Our New Blog

We're happy to let you know about our new blog. In an effort to connect with customers and provide more value, we've decided to write about topics related to pets and gifting. We'll be publishing at least one long post a month for you to enjoy. Comment and let us know what you think. View the Blog Now