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Oval Car Magnet - Assortment

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This really nice oval magnet assortment creates variety and encourages your customer to buy more than one!

Each magnet measures  approx. 6.5"x 4".

Easy to Merchandise- packaging allows for magnets to be easily displayed on a peg or hook.

Great Price and Quick to Retail!  Your customer will buy one for themselves and one as a gift. Makes a really nice add on with a greeting card.

The assortment includes 4 each of 8 designs

  • #2509 - Rescued...the best kind of DOG
  • #2518 - Yes, I am the Cat Lady
  • #2519 - Dog Mom
  • #2521 - Cat Mom
  • #2524 - Peace Love Dog
  • #2525 - Heart With Paws
  • #2526 - Forever Paw Prints on my Heart
  • #2527 - You can't buy love, but you can rescue it!

Made in the USA

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